Exercise & Weight Gain

Everyone knows that exercise burns calories and helps with Shredding body fat.

So why do the scales go up for some people when they start lifting weights or performing resistance training ?

As a personal trainer it’s a nightmare trying to convince a client that the scales going up isn’t necessarily a bad thing . Of course they are always skeptical

Let me tell you why you shouldn’t be a skeptical hippo .

Muscle Mass: The main reason you might gain “weight” on the scales is your gaining muscle. When you start performing resistance training your body quickly adapts and gets stronger . One of the side effect (A good one ) is that you gain muscle . When I say gain muscle I talking about small amounts of muscle . You wont suddenly wake up huge one day after lifting a few Dumbbells . This added muscle will eventually give you the lean look once the body fat is down and the muscle is visible.

Another benefit is that muscles takes up less space than fat, So your extra “weight” doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a larger size.

In fact, once you start training you should become smaller, even if you maintain your previous weight. Instead of using a scale to determine if your losing body fat, have your body fat tested regularly or measure your body at certain areas to see if it’s going down in the right areas .

If you see that you’re losing inches, then you know you’re on the right track.

Regular exercises such as squats,press ups,dead-lift’s ,step ups ,chin ups and sprinting will encourage the growth of lean muscle and fat loss

Exercise such as low intensity cardio (Jogging etc ) wont have a positive impact on muscle growth and had no metabolic effect post training .

While it may piss you off to see the scales going up after starting an exercise routine, it shouldn’t stop you from exercising and shouldn’t get you down .

You may just be building muscle faster than losing body fat which is always a good sign for ANY person man or women

This can be especially true if you’re genetically prone to building muscle fast. The key is to ensure your training is fat loss focused alongside your diet .

Eating cake every day and lifting weights will lead to getting big (and


Lift Weights and forget the scales instead concentrate on body fat and measurements

If your weight stays the same and you drop inches or body fat then you should be pleased.


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