Get on the RIGHT Track Now !

Are you on the right track to your goals ?

My guess is that your still doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results each time ….

Are you that person doing crunches at the end of their workouts or performing loads of Kurlz expecting your body to sudden transform ?

Gues what your wasting your time without a structured and effect program and nutrion plan you will pretty much get no where.

If you simply go to the gym to get “fit” by running on a treadmill for 30-40 Min’s then crack on as that’s all your doing . Getting fit DOESN’T mean getting lean


On the 3rd of March I will be offering my P&A package for a discounted price of


I have 10 Spaces so first come first served

I will customize your program to suit your goals . You will not receive a one fits all program that most gym give to you. My programs will be tailored for you and will include nutritional guidelines of what to eat and when . (Not a stupid food pyramid)

Not only this ,but you will receive a full assessment including body-fat measurement  and body measurements .

You will be shown step by step every exercise in your program so you know exactly what to do and how to do it correctly .

Not only this ,but you will receive a 6 week follow up assessment to see how much you have progressed

All this for €97 !!!

Spaces are limited to the first 10 People . You will have the option of a female trainer and male trainer ,but I will be writing all the programs .

Don’t waste your valuable time doing the wrong stuff . Get a program Get some structure and Get some RESULTS !!!!!


  • Customized Program

  • Nutrition

  • Assessment

  • Full Demonstration of exercises

  • Technique

  • Results .


Email –

Phone 0851969461

-- Download Get on the RIGHT Track Now ! as PDF --

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