Personal Training Options

Personal Training Options

Monthly 1-1 Personal Training Package

Train up to four times a week in your own personal training studio. If you decide you want to split your training with me and train by yourself at home or in another gym then thats fine. I can design your program so that it works around your personal training with me and your training elsewhere.

You will also have the option of using the Abs conditioning centre either for bootcamp or has a gym.

Block Sessions

We do have a block sessions available . This offer is only available after an initial trial period . If you pass the trial period and would then like to block book personal training sessions then this package will be available to you .

Program and Nutrional Package

If your looking for advice and direction ,but dont want the regular personal training then this might suit you better.

You will receive the following.

Goal Setting
Body Fat % (Calipers)
Body Measurements
Custom Program + Full demostration
Nutrition Plan and advice
6 Week Follow Up assessment

Body Fat Blitz

This program is designed to simply shred body fat within a two week period . I won’t lie it’s tough and it’s not for the faint hearted . If you have an special event coming up and you simply want to lose body fat or drop a dress size then this program could be for you .


Test you strength with The ABS Gym Test protocol .

Test Layout -

BB Deadlift / Trap Bar Deadlift – Rep Max
BB Bench Press – Rep Max
BB Back Squat – Rep Max
BW Press Up 1:00 Best Effort
BW Pull Up to failure or Weighted Chin Up 3 RM
BW Inverted Row 1:00 Best Effort

The Test protocol can be changed slightly to suit the individual .

For more information on my services please contact me direct .

Jay Farrant

Personal Trainer Dublin