Before I post this article I just want to say that I have never met this guy and in no way am I jealous of him. His articles and bullshit has come to my attention recently and I just want to put the record straight on the absolute garbage coming out of this guy.

This is a copy of a recent article personal trainer Pat Henry wrote.

Now if you know anything about training you will know this is completely wrong and is essentially the complete opposite of what you should be doing. I’m going to break this article down for you and explain a few of the reasons why it is so WRONG!

1- “Heavy Weights for women result in a chunky look”

This isn’t true. Women do not get chunky from lifting weights, period. Women and men get chunky from eating cake and sitting on their bum holes. Lifting weights will make you smaller and more athletic looking. All of my female clients lift weights and in no way are they chunky. Here is Janet below, do you think she is chunky? All she does is lift heavy weight…

2 – “I see many women getting an unfeminine look from using heavy kettle-bells in their training”

He is simply trying to discourage and put fear in to women by saying they will look unfeminine by using other popular training methods such as kettle-bells and weights.

Does Janet look unfeminine above? Again, she lifts heavy weights!

3 – “These weights are fine for athletes who are going for a physique that I find unflattering “

Let’s get real here… 90% of female athletes are fit, lean and athletic looking. They have low body fat and nice muscle definition. Apart from body builders and marathon runners most female athletes look hot, sexy and healthy. Look at sprinters, tennis players and female soccer players. They all look fine to me. Looking skinny and unhealthy like Victoria Beckham isn’t attractive believe it or not girls.

Strong is the new skinny so get with it.

4 – “High resistance will lead to Bulk”

Wrong again Pat Henry.. High resistance leads to lean muscle which leads to curves. Muscle is small and dense unlike fat and unless you’re taking endless amounts of steroids no woman is ever going to get bulky PERIOD!

5 – “When You train with heavy weights or resistance for your legs you will not burn fat “

Well this one is very funny. Considering muscle burns the most calories doesn’t it seem odd that training the biggest muscle group (your legs) wouldn’t burn fat? Of course it does, performing leg exercises is the most metabolic exercise you can do. The bigger the muscle the more fat burning you will do after your workouts when recovering. Why would you train small muscles such as your biceps and triceps that burn very little amounts of calories?

6 – “Fat will stay there to protect you from high levels of pounding”

What a great way to finish this article off….. I thought I had heard it all, but this is the best one.

When we “pound” muscle our body’s natural reaction is to build bigger and stronger muscle it’s called the “adaptation of training” principle . If we built up fat every time we trained then the fattest people would be the ones lifting weights. This is so wrong on every level I don’t even know where to start.

Muscle is protective, not fat. Fat is there for insulation and for energy stores when in a calorie restriction. Muscle protects your organs and skeletal system. Hence why we have skeletal muscle and not skeletal fat to protect us.

Pat Henry says all this for one reason. It’s what women want to hear and it’s the complete opposite to what good personal trainers do and say. He has to create a unique selling point and going against what actually works is his way of doing it.

I appreciate that he is trying to put a spin on things but this information is just harmful and absolute bullshit.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer then ensure it’s not this guy as you will be wasting your time and money!!!!!!!


Jay Farrant CPT SET Personal Trainer Dublin

The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Dublin

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  1. It seems that this guy, apart from being ignorant, feels threatened by fit/strong women. All the more reason for me to work hard and achieve a physique that he would not find attractive.

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